Leading Ladies NKY Spotlight – Ashley Hinzman, Professional Organizer and Owner, The Life Less Cluttered

💙Where you live: Taylor Mill, KY

💙Family members & pets: Husband Jason, Sons Henry (9) and Nash (7) and Dog Josie

💙Education: University of Kentucky

💙Hobbies: Reading, cooking, and taking advantage of all the wonderful events in NKY and Cincinnati

💙What do you love about NKY? There is always something to do! Having grown up in a rural part of Western KY, I am still in awe of how many festivals, restaurants, sporting events, and places there are to go for fun. Recently, we had a free night without any plans and so I searched up what local sports teams had games and found that NKU Men’s Soccer did. We had a blast!

💙Who is your biggest influence? My sons. Three years ago, when I told them I wanted to start my own business, they each brought me $5 “to be hired”, not understanding how it all worked. I told them that they were investors and my success would be theirs too. Every single time I’ve hit a milestone (created a website, finished a project, featured in press), they have been so proud and genuinely excited. They believe their mom is as important as a Fortune 500 CEO and it’s amazing what an impact that has on my confidence as a small business owner.

💙What is one goal you’ve set for 2021? I want to work more with young adults, to teach them how to be organized and prepared as they become more independent from their parents.

💙Do you have a cause or charity that is close to your heart? I am currently working with Mentoring Plus, an organization in Newport that provides high-risk teens with a nurturing environment and support through mentorship. It’s important to me to support the youth in our community, because they deserve it and it’s the best way to create a better future for everyone.

💙If you could give one piece of advice to your younger self, what would that be? It’s good to work hard, but no one is going to ask you what your college GPA is in 10 years, so it’s okay to have a little more fun and get a B every once in a while.

💙Women tend to be multi-takers. Do you have a system that you love that might be good for others? Under-schedule your time, as much as you are able to. My system is to plan my day the evening before and leave enough time to realistically get each task done. There are finite hours in the day, and because it’s inevitable that something unexpected will pop up, I always under-schedule my time. If I happen to get everything done with time to spare – more time to just enjoy life!

💙Favorite ice cream flavor? Chocolate – even better in milkshake form!

💙What is the best book you’ve ever read? An Embarrassment of Mangoes by Ann Vanderhoof – it’s a nonfiction, travel book and THE best “escape from reality”, relaxing read!

💙What is the best advice you’ve ever received? When faced with a decision or crossroads in your life, ask yourself “What’s stopping you?” And if that answer is nothing more than your own fear, you need to just go for it!


Contact Ashley:

[email protected]

Tel: 859-559-1650