Introducing the First Leading Ladies NKY non-profit spotlight of 2023:

Mentoring Plus: Guiding kids – Strengthening communities – Supporting families.

Laura Gordon, Volunteer Coordinator


Mission: To empower disadvantaged youth and their families to fulfill their potential and to contribute to the well-being of the community by forming relationships based on mutual trust, compassion and respect.


When did the organization start and by whom? 

Mentoring Plus was started in 2009 by Kevin and Brenda Kennedy, who, after “retiring” from their respective careers (social work and special education), saw a need for a Program like this in NKY. They joined forces with other like-minded people in the area and did two years of research before opening the doors.


What makes your organization stand out among others? 

We are the only mentoring program in NKY that focuses solely on teenagers (ages 13-21). Also, we are a site-based Program – meaning that our mentors and mentees meet at our facility, instead of in the community.


What are the greatest needs of the organization?

Our greatest need is MENTORS! Especially MALES!! Also, we are primarily privately funded, so donations are also appreciated!


Who do you assist? Why?

Our focus is teens. Most come from a home life that’s difficult for some to imagine – extreme poverty, parents/guardians who are dealing with mental health and/or substance abuse issues, and multigenerational hopelessness. There are a few programs that focus on helping the younger children of these families, but many have given up on them by the time they are teenagers. We want to provide caring adults in a safe environment to give compassion and guidance to these youth.


How can people get involved with the organization?

Contact Laura to ask all the questions and schedule a tour!


Contact Information & Website:

To refer a child, contact Amy Sammons (859-982-5895); [email protected]

To learn more about volunteer opportunities, contact Laura Gordon (859-4624152); [email protected]